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A special message from Karen Acompora: Thanks to our work the CPR bill has been delivered to the Gov

CPR and AEDs are important to me and my family because of my son Louis. At 14, Louis, played in his first high school lacrosse game. After blocking what appeared to be a routine shot with his chest, Louis collapsed on the field. Louis went into sudden cardiac arrest and passed away. He was 14 years old.

Click here to Urge Governor Cuomo to Sign the CPR in Schools bill!

For years we have been working together to make sure students in New York learn CPR before graduation. We've called, emailed, posted on social media and shared our stories with lawmakers and the press. Thanks to our efforts over the years and particularly this past week, I am happy to report the CPR in Schools bill has been delivered to the Governor today!

This is the furthest we've ever come and we can't stop now…Please tell Governor Cuomo with the stroke of his pen we will be one step closer to creating a generation of lifesavers!

In memory of Louis, please ask Governor Cuomo to sign the CPR in Schools bill.

Together, we can create the next generation of lifesavers!

Save a Life. Learn CPR.

Sincerely, Karen


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