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So you want to play lacrosse in college? | A great resource from US LACROSSE

On behalf of US Lacrosse, it is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to our college recruiting handbook, “So...You want to play lacrosse in college?.” In recent years, college recruiters have accelerated the timeline and created recruiting formulas that are unique to them. The direction of the college lacrosse recruiting process has led to confusion by some, frustration to others and leaves everyone guessing. The intent of this handbook is to present hard facts, dispel the myths, and to promote the essentials.

The handbook contains a baseline of facts that all colleges must adhere to and every recruit should know. The handbook addresses practices that are believed to be true but are outside the guidelines of college recruiting. Finally, the handbook emphasizes two constants that every coach looks for in his recruits. Simply stated, coaches are looking for young men of exemplary character and a strong academic profile.

I believe you will find this information invaluable as a starting point and a reference source throughout your process. Please feel free to offer any comments, as we will continue to update the text to keep current with the times.


Chuck Ruebling US LACROSSE Men’s Game Coaches Subcommittee Chair


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