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With 41 families we could easily afford a the custom 10X20 Lacrosse Tent you see above. Any extra funds raised will be given to our Lacrosse Booster Club and used to supports the team!

Help us get this tent!

The above tent is a high-quality, aluminum 10 X 20 tent with custom dye-sublimated cover. It wil run approximately $1500 not including tax, shipping, etc. It will be purchased through Downstream Outfitters, which is owned by former Syracuse All-American Defensmen, Steve Panarelii. The turnaround time is 3-4 weeks so we'd like to get this order in ASAP. If you have questions, simply contact Joe Napolitano using the simple form below.

Contact Joe Napolitano (father of MU LSM, Shaun Napolitano)

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