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Open Lacrosse Training

WHEN: Saturdays beginning October 10th

WHERE: Veterans Park, East Northport, NY

WHO: Open to all 3rd-8th Grade Boys

HOW MUCH: $20/Session
Pay when you arrive. Only pay for the sessions you attend.

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Text Alerts!

Simply text "getbetter" to 77948 or submit the form below to get alerts from our trainers about times, dates, locations and other Lacrosse Training updates..

Our new OPEN TRAINING at Vet's Park will start Saturday, October 17 and run from 3:45-5:00. Come as often as you like ...  you only need to sign up for a text alerts to register.

You can do that above or on the homepage. You pay when you get to Vets. It will be a flat fee of $20/session and will continue right up until the spring season and possibly beyond. 


This training will be open to all boys from 3rd-8th grade. Coaches will include Northport High School coaches as well as coaches from Harborfields, Kings Park and select specialty coaches (face-off, goalies, etc).


There will be several drill stations and kids will be grouped together by skill-set not age. All players will be placed in groups that are skill-appropriate. Beginners will have modified drills more appropriate for their skill level.


As skill-level improves, players will move to other more-skilled training groups. The reason we're explaining this to you is if your son is a good athlete that wants to try lacrosse, this may be the perfect way to get started so they can hit the ground running in the spring.


For our more-skilled players, drills will be modified to closely match what we see at the high school and college levels.


The bottom line is all drills will be fast-paced, overseen by experienced coaches and designed for the most rapid skill development no matter what your current skill level!

It's this  easy!

Cannot see the form on your mobile device? Text GETBETTER to 77948,  try this page or sign up via your computer.

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