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The TeamTiger Staff has decades of experience coaching, playing, training at every level … NCAA, VARSITY, JV, MIDDLE SCHOOL, YOUTH … at every level the one common ingredient for success has always been the individual player’s skill development.


As the sport of lacrosse has evolved, more and more “mixed” elite summer teams have sprouted. Unfortunately, the consequence of this has been the extinction of town teams, local summer leagues and participation in camps that focus on skill development. We are trying to counteract this trend for the Northport lacrosse community — TEAMTIGER.


TEAMTIGER’S primary goal is to keep Northport lacrosse players together and provide every player the opportunity to develop his skills. Northport Summer Tournament Teams, Lacrosse Camps and Player Development.


It is the high school coaching staff’s firm belief that solely playing in a few weekend tournaments will not necessarily improve performance. But for the higher-skilled player, select tournaments may provide a more challenging experience, which could translate into improved performance in much the same way ‘honors- level’ academic courses — which are designed to meet the skill level of the more advanced student — could improve academic performance. For these players we offer 3rd Grade through Varsity TEAMTIGER SUMMER TEAMS.


3rd - 8th grade summer tournament teams are selected via tryouts.  At the Varsity levels, the tournaments and requirements for selection will vary by tournament. Critieria for team/tournament selection will be handled by High School coaching staffs.


However, for the player who does not yet possess the necessary skill to compete at the next level; these tournaments can prove to be counter-productive, and quite frankly a waste of valuable time and money for the player. Again, this would be the same scenario if you were to enroll in an AP-level course, when you are not yet capable of completing the rigors of the more demanding academic course. That’s why TEAMTIGER will also offer/promote select LACROSSE CAMPS and PLAYER DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING.


The High School staff has developed an approach to assist  players based upon an evaluation of player skills. Higher-skilled players, are invited to participate in a few, select tournaments to assist them in the development of their skill. Coach George Searing & Coach Brad Mclam are extending that philosophy with TEAMTIGER down to the youth levels and it begins with TeamTiger Tryouts inthe fall.


For the players that choose not to participate or are not selected, TeamTiger will offer parallel summer lacrosse opportunities to assist them in their skill development to reinforce the fact that they are still a member of our Northport lacrosse program. These opportunities are:


  • Strength, Speed  and Agility Training – TEAMTIGER will also offer affordable, “lacrosse-centric,”  Stength, Speed and Agility training supervised by Brad Mclam (TeamTiger Founder, Johns Hopkins All-American, and Northport Middle School Coach). As our PLAYER DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING evolves, you will see one-on-one lacrosse training, group training and skill or position-specific training opportunities offered. In short, TEAMTIGER will be a one-stop hub for all Lacrosse Development needs. Additionally, for the High School player (rising 9th-12th grade), the School District Coaches will supervise the use of the high school weight room and provide additional agility work three mornings per week during the summer. . Details will be supplied by school coaches towards the end of the Spring Lacrosse Season. There is no charge for these activities.

  • Lacrosse Camps – As you’ve read, we put heavy stock into Skill Development. Unfortunately, Lacrosse Camps just aren’t what they used to be. Many camps are simply all-day scrimmages with very little emphasis on individual skill development. That’s why we run our own camp — the very successful Northport Lacrosse Camp. Our camp runs in July and is staffed by some of the best and most experienced coaches and players. Your kids will not only have fun, but leave our camp a better player. That said, not all players want to stay in Northport. Players want to travel, stay overnight and get a taste of the college experience. Our official over night camp is the Blue Hen Camp at the University of Delaware. This is a teaching/learning camp for lacrosse players. Several Northport coaches are on the Blue Hen Staff, but so are some of the best High School and College coaches from around the country. Though we make an effort to keep Northport players together at Blue Hen, we also make an effort to have them coached by Non-Northport coaches. Northport teams have had great success at Blue Hen. In fact, in summer ‘09 a Northport Team comprised of rising 8th, 9th and 10th graders won the Varsity Championship. For the latest info regarding Northport and other Lacrosse camps, please visit the CAMP section of this site.

We recognize that lacrosse has become a large part of the lives in many of our players. While the desire to play lacrosse is important, it must be understood that as you move up through Middle School and High School ranks, your performance level and ability becomes the primary factor in the coaches’ selection of school teams. Lacrosse has exploded in Northport and there is a select number of spots on the High School rosters. You must do everything possible to improve your skill to ensure your spot in the school district lacrosse programs.


We hope TeamTiger will give every player that wants to be the best that they can be the tools to do so.

About TeamTiger

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